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PrésentationThis site, which was created by two old “grease monkeys”, tries to gather as many official files related to automobile sport as possible: time sheets of tests and races of all times and all disciplines combined, technical reports (notes, instructions), sports regulations or technical ones, schedules (programs, plans), etc...
We have already digitized and published 11223 documents. As you will notice some of them are old and in bad condition (some times due to keeping them in our toolbox for a long time, or to our fingers not always being very clean...).
If you are a former pilot, an ex-mechanic or you simply have a passion for automobile sports, and you have kept some of these documents, please do not hesitate to get in touch to lend them to us. We promise to keep them only the time required to digitize them (even if they are already on the site, they may replace documents which are in bad condition). They will be much more useful at everybody’s disposal than in our dusty folders.
All the best to you all.

New - Coupe R5 Alpine 1977/1981 - France (finished on 20 04 2012)
New - Coupe R5 Alpine Turbo 1982/1984 - France (finished on 01 06 2012)
Update - Coupe R5 Alpine 1977/1981 - France (finished on 20 06 2012)
NEW - Coupe R5 GT Turbo France 1985/1990 - France (finished on 19 12 2012)
Update - Formule Renault, Formule Renault Europe 1972/1982 (finished on 03 03 2013)
Update F3 France 1982/1994 (finished on 05 06 2013)
Update Formula 3 European championship 1973/1980 (finished on 27 06 2014)
Update Formula 3 French championship (finished on 15 08 2014)
Update Formula 2 (finished on 29 09 2014)
Update Formule Renault France 1968/1981 (finished)
NEW: Porsche 944 turbo France 1987/1990 (finished on 01 07 12015)
Mise à jour Coupe R5 Alpine France 1975/1981 (finished on 07 07 2015)
NEW: Porsche 911 France 1991:...(finished on 02 01 2016)
NEW: Peugeot berlines France - SRT PTS Peugeot Sport 1974/1991 (finished on 17 07 2016)
NEW: Coupe de l'Avenir 1976/1989 - Coupe de France Alfa Romeo Sport Proto 1990/1994 (finished on 30 09 2017)

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